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Heart Space Hydrosol

Heart Space Hydrosol

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ROSE + ADAPTOGENIC GEMSTONE ELIXIR A mist to infuse your space and state of being with pure Heart Energy. Where science and the sacred come together to lift us beyond the ordinary and create an expansive space to call forth the highest harmonics of beauty and love.

Suited to

All skin types. Especially suited to: dehydrated, dull skin.


-Multi-use mist that can be used to uplift the skin and senses
-Provides additional hydration at any time
-A blend of plant-based extracts to hydrate and tone the skin
-Adaptogenic gemstone for balancing and clearing negativity

How to use

Mist onto face, body and aura to infuse your space and state of being with pure Heart Energy.

Use as hydrator with skin regenerating qualities in All 4 One Facial Exfoliant + mask - dry mix.


98%*Certified Organic Ingredients:
*Rosa damascena P. miller (Rose Otto) hydrosol, Cistus Incanus (Pink Rock Desert Rose) flower extract, Sodium Levulinate, Sodium Anisate,**Indigo Gabbro gemstone essence, Aventurine gemstone essence.

Other details

We use PCR (post-consumer recycled) solid white glass to optimally protect the actives and precious oils while closing the loop on single-use packaging.

Our bio-plant labels are made from 100% sugarcane and are recyclable.

The outer packaging is made from biodegradable and recycled paper. You can choose to opt-out of receiving the outer packaging and we will plant a tree on your behalf instead.

Refills are available on this product, so once you purchase your first bottle, you can send it back to us and we will clean it and refill it for you over and over and over.

Just select the refill option on our website, then send us your empty bottle. We will clean and refill it, replace the label if necessary, and send it back to you. The refill option discount should more than cover the cost of your shipping back to us, especially if you refill several bottles at a time or take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING offer for purchases over $99.

As part of our Carbon Neutral Commitment, we also offset the carbon emissions of shipping back and forth to keep our planet breathing well.

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